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Yasser Arafat and Fidel Castro

Middle East leaders mourn Fidel Castro


Fidel Castro, the revolutionary leader who ruled Cuba for nearly half a century, died on November 25 at the age of 90. Despite Cuba’s small size and the long distance separating it from the Middle East, Castro’s Cuba played an active role in the region in the 1960s and 70s. Claiming to act in promotion […]


Countering Nativism with Active Citizenry: Protecting the Vote While Arab, Muslim and American


BY HAMADA ZAHAWI It was 9:45pm on election night. Still avoiding the news, I boarded my flight back to Boston, after several days of canvassing and protecting the vote with a team of lawyers in a coveted area of a key battleground state – Broward County, Florida. By the time I landed in Boston, Donald […]

Democracy and Governance

A Historical Overview: Japanese American Internment in the 1940’s and Muslim Registry in the 2010’s under President-elect Trump


Members of President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition team made headlines when they doubled down on a proposal to reinstate a registry of immigrants and visitors from Muslim countries. While history has shown that blanket discrimination of Americans by race, national origin, or religion is both wrongheaded and ineffective, Trump’s team inadequately cited internment of Japanese Americans during […]

Donald Trump Is President: Crisis At Harvard Kennedy School?


“I’ve never felt anything like it.” So shell-shocked are the students and faculty at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, according to a friend of mine, following the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. Students wept openly the next day as we watched Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and President Obama’s […]


How to Obtain and Preserve Marriage Equality


By Andy Vo I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage. Not because I’ve found true love, but because more and more countries have considered marriage equality in the second half of 2016. Last month, Gibraltar unanimously passed a bill recognizing marriage equality. Taiwan may become the first in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage as early […]

Russia and Iran: the best of friends, the worst of friends


Embed from Getty Images Since 2011, conflict and political upheavals have rocked the Middle East, challenging traditional alliances and the balance of power in the region. New relationships have developed – most noticeably cooperation between Russia and Iran, particularly in Syria. To look further into this new landscape, JMEPP spoke with Mark N. Katz, professor of government […]

Can we save civilians from war?


War seems an inescapable fact of human life. But in past decades it has been civilians, not soldiers, that have borne a disproportionate brunt of warfare across the planet. Historians often reference that, in the last major battle of the 19th century in Solferino, 40,000 combatants were either wounded or killed but only one civilian […]

Human Rights
Saudi Arabia's King Salman

Caution gives way to increasingly assertive policies in Saudi Arabia, but to what end?


Embed from Getty Images This article was originally published in JMEPP’s Spring 2016 print edition. Abstract Since King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud assumed the Saudi Arabian throne on 23 January 2015, there have been clear continuities in both Saudi domestic and foreign policies to maintain regime security and stability for the ruling elite; however, […]

International Relations and Security

Demolition is Not the Answer


Refugees in France are left stranded when Calais camp is destroyed By Sarah Angell The French government’s policy to remove informal settlements of migrants and refugees without providing alternative housing for residents puts vulnerable people into dangerous positions. The French government needs to deliver viable housing alternatives for residents of camps if they want to […]

Human Rights Violations Remain Worrying in Post-Nuclear Iran


By Azadeh Pourzand Iran sealed a nuclear deal with the United States and other world powers (P5+1) in July 2015. Many human rights defenders who followed the negotiations believed that a less isolated Iran would have more incentives to respect human rights. Others feared that Iran would now get away with human rights violations more than […]

Engendering Networks of Resistance in Morocco


By Brittany Landorf  In 2010-2011, the Arab Spring witnessed a burgeoning female presence in an unprecedented manner. In Morocco, women cyber activists arose at the height of the 2011 protests; their voices continue to reverberate today. Virtual spaces facilitated the growth of these new movements and networks of activism. While much has been written about […]

Consider the Source: Can We Tolerate Child Labor in Our Supply Chains and Closets?


BY CAITLIN RYAN Stepping into a makeshift convenience store in Hanoi peddling toiletries and cleaning products, I immediately felt uncomfortable. In a shop smaller than a two-car garage with several rows of tall shelving, a dozen teenagers milled around as if waiting for a task. Numerous security cameras captured the room from different angles and […]

Human Rights

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