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Michel Aoun

President Aoun has no quick fix to Lebanon’s challenges


The Syrian refugee crisis, corruption, and unraveling political coalitions are among the many problems facing Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

Seasons Greetings from Uncle Sam – Your Tax Dollars Made an Impact


BY MARIE LAWRENCE Every year around this time, when we are happiest to open our wallets, NGOs overwhelm our inboxes with slick year-end infographics. Retailers launch multi-media campaigns to push their gotta-have-it widget of the season. Nonprofits and businesses spend millions proving their worth to would-be donors and consumers. Yet from the federal government, which […]

Why We Need to Stop Talking About “Ethnic” Conflict


By Matthew Willmore The atrocities in Rwanda, we are often told, were an ethnic conflict: a genocide that not only fell along racial lines, but one fueled by intractable differences separating two distinct peoples. Indeed, much coverage from 1994 onward implied a degree of inevitability to the world’s fastest genocide. After all, “ethnic tensions [had] […]

Algeria Morocco border

Smuggling and security on North Africa’s broken borders


North Africa’s troubled borders are havens for smuggling and armed groups. Here’s what can be done to make them more secure.

Trump’s Dance With Tech


BY MATTHEW E. SPECTOR The most critical activity at Trump Tower last week was not the selection of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as the president-elect’s secretary of state or the appearance of Kanye West for a short meeting about “life,” but a small, closed door meeting with 25 tech leaders with potentially dramatic implications for […]

Russian ambassador’s assassination: A diplomatic disaster for Turkey?


Russia’s ambassador to Turkey has been killed at an event in Ankara, by a man chanting Islamist slogans and the words, “Don’t forget Aleppo!”

International Relations and Security

A Woman’s Policy Guide to the Trump Administration


BY MARYROSE MAZZOLA It’s now been over a month since Election Day. If you’re a progressive voter like me, you’ve probably cried (potentially on public transportation), read at least a dozen think pieces about how this happened, and rage donated your heart out. All of that is cathartic – and necessary, given the role that […]

Russian military in Syria

Russia, Syria, and the ‘new Cold War’


Russia intervened in the Syrian war to redefine the international balance of power, not as a brotherly commitment to defend his Arab ally.

Middle East Weekly podcast

Podcast: Rebel Aleppo’s final hours, Morocco migration, and bombings in Istanbul


Middle East Weekly discusses rebel Aleppo’s final hours, a migration route through Morocco to Europe, and last week’s deadly bombing in Istanbul.

Follow Up: Fast Forward 2060 Conference Policy Talks


Last week, the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA), hosted Fast Forward 2060: Highlighting Legacy and Action in the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Under President Obama and Beyond. We wanted to highlight some of the policy discussions at Fast Forward 2060, a conference hosted by the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and […]

Tawakkol Karman interview

WATCH: Q&A with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Tawakkol Karman


Tawakkol Karman, the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, spoke with JMEPP about women’s role in the Arab Spring and the future of her country, Yemen.

Renewable energy in the UAE

Middle East eyes renewable energy for a post-oil world


The Middle East is home to massive oil reserves, but some countries in the region are making headway in a very different field: renewable energy.

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