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#MeToo Series


Introduction On 16 November 2017, in light of the prominence of the global #MeToo movement and discussions of sexual harassment and assault, the Gender Policy Union and the Live Poets Society of the Harvard Kennedy School organized a campus-wide event to share these stories. Our goal was to raise awareness of the trauma that sexual […]

An Interview with Dr. Elisa Choi


An Interview with Dr. Elisa Choi Commissioner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Asian American Commission Dr. Elisa Choi is the Chairperson of the Asian American Commission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the chair of its Health and Human Services Committee. She is also the Governor-elect of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American College of Physicians, where […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Britain Needs a Uniter Not a Divider as Prime Minister


BY PATRICK WHITE ‘Crush the saboteurs’ proclaimed the Daily Mail newspaper as Prime Minister Theresa May announced that for the fourth time in four years a major national poll would take place in the UK this summer. My concern is that rhetoric like this will only serve to widen further divisions in British society. The […]

Moncef Marzouki interview

Interview: Former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki


Former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki spoke about human rights, Tunisian democracy, and US support for Middle East dictatorships.

Human Rights

What’s in a Name: Earth Day and the EPA


BY LIZ HANSON Defining the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seems like it should be fairly straightforward. It’s right there in the name: an agency to protect the environment. Of course, in a world of complex costs and benefits, and increasingly intense partisan rhetoric, nothing is quite so simple. Yet, I was still […]

Environment and Energy

Race, Gender, and Poverty: Why the Environment Matters


BY JENNIFER HELFRICH I am an environmentalist. Friends call me a “tree hugger.” Tree huggers are a rare breed here at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). My fellow students each have their public policy area of focus—and the environment is not one of them. I understand the dilemma; HKS students tend to exhaust themselves through […]

Christ the Redeemer Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Why Latin America could be the next frontier for Syrian refugees


Latin America presents a promising opportunity to resettle some of the millions of Syrian refugees in camps and urban slums in Europe.

Conversing with our cosmopolitan past: Applying history to the present


“Knowing where you are going,” declared Minister for Foreign Affairs S. Rajaratnam in the 1970s, “is more important than knowing where you came from” (Tarulevicz 2009, 415). So convinced was he by this maxim that he echoed this exact sentiment a decade later in an article for The Straits Times, where he extolled the merits […]


What Does the Future of Government Look Like?


With HKS Dean Doug Elmendorf after receiving the Global Universities Challenge Award. Photo Credit: hks.harvard.edu By Andhyta F. Utami, MPP 2018 It is mind-blowing to think that our grandparents used to wait for weeks before they got to hear from a distant relative through a short postcard message. Today, I can video call with my entire […]

HKS Hosts John F. Kennedy Centennial Symposium


By Wei Luo, MPP 2017 On Thursday April 20, 2017, HKS hosted the John F. Kennedy Centennial Symposium to celebrate the 100th anniversary of President Kennedy’s birth and to reaffirm the spirit of public service that he embodied. The Symposium started with opening remarks by HKS dean Doug Elmendorf, who recognized the members of the […]

“May These Gates Never Be Closed”: U.S.-Canada Trade Relations


Harvard Canadians with Andrew Leslie, Canadian Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs (Canada-U.S. Relations) By Sasha Ramani, MPP 2018 In early April, the HKS Canadian Caucus led a trek to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, to explore political affairs north of the border. Thirteen students across HKS, HLS, and SEAS ventured north to reconnect with their […]

Don’t Let Impact Investing Distract Philanthropists from the Bottom Billion


BY PAOLO FRESIA I am an impact investor. I believe that deploying capital more responsibly is necessary to redirect global capitalism toward greater social and environmental sustainability. However, I am not naïve. Impact investing is no silver bullet, and—alone—will never be sufficient to solve the world’s direst problems. My classmate Matt Tyler recently wrote in […]

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