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Movement Matters: Why We Should Commit to Universal Basic Mobility


BY DANIEL COMEAUX   Whether by car, train, foot, wheelchair, bike, or any of the other ways humanity has invented to move through the places we call home, just about everybody relies on transportation systems as part of their daily lives. This is not new and is not likely to change. But if the headlines […]

Video Interview: Thione Niang


Thione Niang, Co-founder and Managing Partner of AKON Lighting Africa, sat down with our Partnerships Editor, Katherine Townsend for a conversation during his visit as a speaker at the 2019 MIT Africa Innovate Conference. In addition to his work with AKON Lighting Africa, Thione created the Give 1 Project, which promotes leadership and entrepreneurship through […]

Public Leadership and Management

Why Voters Should Care About a President’s Emotional Intelligence


BY JOHN SCIANIMANICO In their first debates on June 26 and 27, twenty candidates made the case for why they should be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. The candidates highlighted a number of tangible and compelling reasons, including their prior records in government, their well-conceived policy solutions, and their electability. But, while pedigree and experience […]


The Unveiling of the Librazone : Are the Similarities Between Libra and the Eurozone a Coincidence?


BY AMELIA POLLARD After a decade of amassing influence, Facebook has unveiled another way to remain a financial heavyweight not only for digital markets, but for society. On June 18, Mark Zuckerberg announced the birth of a new form of blockchain-backed cryptocurrency dubbed “Libra”—a potential monetary revolution that’s raised eyebrows, particularly in the wake of […]

Latin America’s Challenging External Environment: Old and New Forces, by Carmen M. Reinhart


This article appears in the Spring 2019 edition of the Latin America Policy Journal released on April 2019. Looking ahead, Latin America faces no shortage of policy challenges, and many (if not most) of these have domestic economic and political roots. The problems confronting individual countries vary markedly in origin, nature, and severity, so it […]

Business and Regulation

Equity in Pedagogy at HKS


Teaching doesn’t stop mattering in graduate school: in the sixth episode of Season 2, the KSR podcast team examines issues of equity, identity, and representation within pedagogy and curriculum at the Harvard Kennedy School. 

Gentrification Without Displacement? A Cautionary Tale from Brooklyn to Detroit


BY JANA POHORELSKY On my first day home for the holidays this past December, my family and I had only just finished lunch when my father headed out to a funeral for the matriarch of our local, family-run hardware store. In the Brooklyn neighborhood where I grew up, Leopoldi’s Hardware is one of the few […]

In South Korea, Being Drunk Is a Legal Defense for Rape


BY EVELYN NAM AND MELODY KIM October 20, 2020 is a day that Na-Yeong and her family dread, and one that most South Koreans resent. It is the day the man who brutally raped 8-year-old Na-Yeong while drunk, leaving her with lifelong physical and mental disabilities, will be released from a prison in Pohang, South […]

3D Titling: Comments on the Introduction of the Transfer of Development Rights to Peru, by Jose Carlos Fernandez


This article appears in the Spring 2019 edition of the Latin America Policy Journal released on April 2019. You can order the edition here. Abstract The transfer of development rights is an instrument of urban policy originally used in the United States. It allows the owners of landmarks in a city to sell their air rights […]

“Still Not There”: Low Female Labor Participation and Culture in Chile, by Daniela Paz and Clara Gianola


This article appears in the Spring 2019 edition of the Latin America Policy Journal released on April 2019. You can order the edition here. Introduction Gender equality is today at the top of the international agenda, as in the past decades we have seen the emergence of diverse social movements advocating for the expansion of women’s […]

Mistress to a Married Man: Not a bad idea! 


Mistress to a married man: Not a bad idea!    Looking back, If anyone had told me that I would be impatiently watching every episode of Maîtresse d’un homme marié (Mistress to a Married Man) from my student apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I would have never believed it. Squeezed between a paper to write, a […]


In Humanitarian Crises, Periods are a Public Health Issue


BY IRA GUHA AND DANIELA PHILIPSON Last April, cyclone Idai killed over a thousand people and displaced over three million across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Of those affected, approximately 650,000 people were particularly at risk – because they have periods. Menstrual hygiene is an urgent public health and policy issue that is frequently overlooked during […]

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