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Understanding the Kurdish Student Protests


Sarkawt Shamsulddin provides his insights on the recent student protests in Kurdistan, what led to them, and what they mean for the region.

Harvard Kennedy School 2021 Diversity Report


Harvard Kennedy School 2021 Diversity Report

Claiming My Identity’s Journey


This piece is a continuation of the Anti-Racism Policy Journal’s collaboration with Collateral Benefits.

Argentina 2022: Its challenges for next year


In November, the Frente de Todos coalition was defeated by the opposition Juntos por el Cambio in Argentina’s midterm, rocking the boat for the ruling party, thus their internal tensions. Despite this -not new- news, the current administration faces a very-much-complicated 2022, where the fragile economic indicators turn against them: the inflation reached almost 50% […]

Law and Policy Used to Address & Aggravate Palestinian Isolation: A Focus on Case Studies from Lebanon, Jordan, Israel


Jordan Cope, Esq. explores how the role of law and policy has been used in three countries—Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel, respectively—to both accelerate and to frustrate Palestinian integration. In doing so, the essay also explores the necessary history to contextualize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the status of the Palestinian diaspora.

A Lexicon for Climate Justice


*Excerpt from a piece that will be published in the print/and digital editions of The Anti-Racism Policy Journal*

A Lexicon for Climate Justice

From Paris to Death and Chaos


“The Anti-Racism Policy Journal is happy to partner with Collateral Benefits and Manos Visibles to bring you “Voices of the African Diaspora”, a series of perspectives from Afro-descendants across the world on surviving, overcoming, and transcending COVID-19. Collateral Benefits is a platform that through perspective papers aims to lift up the voices of African and Afro-descendant people from all walks of life so that their intellect, wisdom, and experiences can contribute to and shape the global conversations on the critical issues of our time.”
This piece is the first essay of the series we are publishing today.

A doctor and researcher holding up a vial

Road to UHC: African leaders must build on lessons from COVID-19 to achieve Universal Health Coverage


The goals of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) are laudable, but  also ambitious and complex. Achieving a world in which all people get the health services they need without financial hardship requires bold actions from governments.   In practice, this means that countries must be capable of ensuring the continuity of essential health services while addressing […]

The Peaceful Rising of the Silent Dragon in the Middle East


Arman Mahmoudian examines the return of great power competition in the Middle East and China’s role within the region.

VP Harris Can Grant Citizenship to Over a Million Asian Americans. Will She Do It?


For the millions of undocumented immigrants who have lived in the shadow of deportation for too long, a major expansion of the pathway to citizenship cannot be further delayed. “How much longer am I willing to wait?” asked an undocumented community member interviewed by one of the authors. “The older I get and as time […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Deepfakes: The Implications of this Emerging Technology on Society and Governance


​Luke Seow argues that Singapore is currently not well positioned to deal with the emergence of deepfake technology, and that this poses significant risks for national security and social cohesion. He highlights gaps in the current legislative framework, as well as lessons that can be drawn from other countries’ approaches to combating this emerging challenge. He then makes policy recommendations for Singapore to mitigate the potential dangers of deepfake technology.

International Relations and Security

Kuwait’s Position in the Gulf-Lebanon Diplomatic Row


Giorgio Cafiero analyzes the diplomatic row between four Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members and Lebanon and how it represents new challenges and severe complications for Beirut.

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