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Interview with Akintoye Akindele On Africa and The Global Economy


Recently APJ had the honor and pleasure of speaking with Dr. Akintoye Akindele, Chairman of Platform Capital Group. Our own Interview Editors Abosede Alimi and Tahany Maalla probed his passion for entrepreneurship, his convictions about the future of Africa & her role in the global economy, and his role as a critical player in that […]

Social Innovation and Philanthropy

Women in Leadership: Gender Equity and Breaking the Glass Ceiling Amidst a Pandemic


“You are young, pretty and have all the time in world. Don’t rush to a promotion. Sometimes you have to take two to three steps back to take a step forward.” I can’t imagine he’d say this to the white male colleague waiting around the corner from his office. This is what a Senior UN […]

Why We Don’t Support Traffic Enforcement


Emily Wade and Elissa Schufman of Our Streets Minneapolis explain why traffic enforcement is not a good strategy to make streets better places to bike, walk, and roll, and urge governments at all levels to take bold alternative approaches to traffic safety.

Calling on the Biden Administration to Lead the Way for a Healthier, Cleaner Future


I spent most of my childhood skateboarding next to a covered landfill near my home in San José, California. From the late-1800s to the mid-1900s, a brick company mined clay along the nearby creek where millions of bricks were made that were used to build San Francisco’s skyline – until it was closed and used […]

Environment and Energy

Call Me by My Name and I’ll Call You by Yours


960. 960 is the number of school days across six years of  middle and high school that I attended  a private school in New York City. 960 also represents the number of days that faculty and staff had to learn my name. Nevertheless, on a spring day of my senior year, I walked to my […]

HKS Must Become Anti-Racist: Bystander Politics Reflect Complicity in Racial Injustice


While administrators and faculty make grand statements about anti-racist beliefs, the school itself continues to uphold institutional racism by refusing to solve the problems the Equity Coalition and identity-based student groups have been challenging for years.

When a “Climate Refugee” Is Not a Refugee


Last year, Colorado and California experienced some of their most destructive wildfires to date, and the U.S. Gulf Coast saw a record-breaking 29 named storms during the hurricane season. Extreme weather, which is becoming more severe with climate change, displaces on average 20 million people worldwide annually. By 2050, it is expected that nearly 200 […]

HKS Campus Pilot Program a Reminder that COVID-19 has Changed Everything


My apartment is just a short walk from the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). When I signed my lease in May, it never crossed my mind that I would never have an in-person class on campus during my one-year at HKS.  My quiet living room became my classroom. As a Mid-Career MPA, and with COVID cases […]

Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala emerges as the first Woman and African to lead the WTO


After 73 years, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has elected its first woman and African to lead the organisation as Director-General. This is not only a win for women or for Africa, but it is a win for a world desperately in need of problem solvers. According to Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala “I believe that when […]


Ace in the Hole: Private Sector Innovations for Naval Reserve Talent Management


The United States Naval Reserve has always been a pool of talent supporting the active force; now, in an era of Great Power Competition, it must innovate its manning policies if it wants to stay that way.

Recommitting to America’s Alliances Means Remaining Committed to American Spacepower


Investment in space is the key to American prosperity, diplomacy and security. The Biden administration should continue support for the Space Force and the private space sector.

In Defense of Caring


In tumultuous times, self-interest is more tempting than ever. But how much has self-interest weakened us as individuals and as a nation?

Decision Making and Negotiation

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