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Leading Education Policy in India: An Interview with Seema Jaunsari


In an interview with Harvard Graduate School of Education student Richa Gupta, Mrs. Seema Jaunsari, Director of Academic Research and Training, Government of Uttarakhand, India shares her experience with education policy in India and sheds light on how women can play a pivotal role in policymaking. Tell us about your journey in the education sector: […]

[Sustainability Series] An Interview with Melissa Low: Part Two


In the second part of SPJ’s interview series on sustainability, we continue our conversation with Melissa Low, a research fellow at the Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore (NUS), this time focusing on the broader global context and Singapore’s role in it. In light of recent global milestones in climate policy, Melissa shares with us about how they influenced her work in Singapore, as well as her well wishes for Singapore’s climate policy.

Environment and Energy

The Hate That Hate Produced


A deadly pandemic is gripping parts of the US. Local health officials are quick to pinpoint the living conditions of Chinatown as a main source of the contagion. Chinese and Chinese Americans are treated as unhygienic and disease-ridden, routinely banned from entering public hospitals, and city officials even propose sending Chinese and Chinese Americans to […]

Day in the Life – MPP1 Beta Cohort


[Reading Group] Collective Summary #1: Do Citizens Dream of Smart Cities?


As the prevalence of digital technology looks set to become a mainstay in Singapore’s smart nation ambitions, what benefits and costs can we expect? What kind of future will that create, and what are some societal issues that must first be recognized and resolved before accepting such a future?

In the first of four collective summaries following SPJ’s reading group, Jonathan Cheng reviews the topics discussed in the inaugural session. The summary details the takeaways from the group, which comprises student participants from a range of academic backgrounds.

Power Grabs, Pussy Grabs, or Both? What gender analysis can teach us about state war rhetoric during COVID-19


Many public leaders have taken decisive action throughout the pandemic, proposing and implementing policies to control the spread of the virus and curb its negative effects. These state responses to the pandemic have varied immensely, as has their effectiveness. Though it is essential to examine the efficacy of policies implemented, we must scrutinize the way […]

[Discussion Event] From Brown to Green: Environmental Policy and the Economy


On March 13th, SPJ hosted its first virtual discussion of the Spring semester. It was motivated by the announcement of Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, a cross-ministry initiative promoting ‘sustainable development’ in the city-state. In light of this, the discussion centered around the tensions and tradeoffs between the environment and the economy.


Seeking Health Equity in the Post-Covid Era


The pandemic has forced us to confront uncomfortable and longstanding realities about the health disparities facing racialized and otherwise marginalized communities throughout the country. Here’s what we do about it.

What We Ignore, We Empower: Five Decades of Despair Under the Assad Regime


JMEPP’s 21st edition, Middle East Beyond Borders: Empire, Diaspora, and Global Transitions for spring 2021 offers its first preview of the edition with an article by Harvard alum Oula A. Alrifai, of Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, herself a Syrian and scholar of regional developments regarding Syria. Here she commemorates a decade of dictatorship and terror in Syria […]

International Relations and Security

[Sustainability Series] An Interview with Melissa Low: Part One


In SPJ’s very first interview series, we speak with Melissa Low, a research fellow at the Energy Studies Institute (NUS). As momentum builds up for a more comprehensive climate policy in Singapore, Melissa shares with us her views on sustainability in Singapore. This article is the first of a two-part series and focuses on domestic issues including existing challenges and the rebranded Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE).

Democracy and Governance

Interview with Dr. Celestin Monga (Former Chief Economist and Vice-President of the Africa Development Bank Group)


During a recent interview, Dr. Celestin Monga (currently a visiting professor at the Harvard Kennedy School) answered questions from APJ’s Lead Interview Editor, Brice Ngameni. Dr. Monga discussed development prospects on the African continent and shed light on the voluntarist development framework he advocates, New Structural Economics. According to this seasoned development practitioner, “the problem […]

Social Innovation and Philanthropy

You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Understand: The First Step in Democratic Reform


Democratic reform requires robust civic education first.

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