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In foreground, a 'sold' sign. In background, a brick house.

It’s time for Massachusetts to pay reparations to close the racial homeownership gap.


Governor Charlie Baker is hoping to bridge the racial homeownership gap in the state of Massachusetts. While his plan is promising, it’s not enough. Massachusetts has the sixth highest racial homeownership gap in the country. White people are almost twice as likely to own homes as Black people. In Boston, the average net worth of […]

Can we share what we learned (and didn’t) on Paltrek and iTrek?


By Will Whitehurst (MPP 2022) The author of The Citizen’s recent op-ed “What they didn’t tell you on Israel trek” didn’t attend iTrek and assumed how participants processed the published itinerary. Neither he nor I can project 282 attendees’ individual experiences. However, I’m compelled to share my perspective as an actual attendee. The status quo […]

Two truths (and many lies): Witnessing and unlearning in today’s occupied Palestine


By Shreya Nathan (MPA 2022) It’s an oddly familiar student experience to board a flight alone and be greeted by friendly faces in every row. Settling into a 12-hour journey to Tel Aviv, my seatmates and I recognized our matching Harvard Kennedy School gear. “Are you at HKS too? Which Israel Trek bus are you […]

Embryo Donation: Prospective Parenthood, Fetal Personhood, and the Reproductive Justice Framework


Introduction Assisted reproductive technology (ART) has become a common part of modern American life. A third of American adults have either undergone some form of fertility treatment or know someone who has.[1] While few Americans bat an eye at the idea of a child born as a result of sperm donations or in vitro fertilization […]

The Fight for Freedom in Venezuela: Reflections on Leadership and Strategy


Interview with Leopoldo Lopez, former Presidential Candidate and political prisoner. First, we would like to hear what initially got you into politics? What motivated you and has it changed over time? I’ve always been interested in politics. Not in the exercise of politics as such, but in the public; being useful to address deep inequality […]

Public Leadership and Management

Chinese Strategy Toward the Middle East: China as a Possible Mediator to End the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?


After 1979, China’s Middle East policy has been less “one-sided” and more supportive of parties seeking a peaceful solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict. An Israeli-Palestinian peace accord is China’s top objective.

Busting the Cycle: Forming Clean Energy Markets in Oil-Dependent States


Calls for a green industrial revolution and transition away from greenhouse gas (GHG) emitting forms of energy are anything but novel. The newest to make the call is the International Energy Agency (IEA), which calls in a 2021 report for immediately halting oil and gas development and achieving net-zero emissions from electricity generation by 2040.1 […]

Flag of Barbados with a blue sky background and scattered white clouds

Republicanism is just the first step. True independence for Barbados demands transformative change.


On 30th November 2021, Barbados became a republic. Nearly 400 years after the first British ship arrived on the island, and exactly 55 years after independence from British colonial rule, Prime Minister Mia Mottley conducted a ceremony replacing Queen Elizabeth II with Dame Sandra Mason as the head of state. Bells chimed across the capital, […]

Co-owning Care Work: Policy for Parity


For every 5 hours the average Indian woman spends on unpaid care work in a day, a man spends half an hour—a ratio over three times the global average.[i] Changing this ratio can dismantle entrenched gender roles and arrest the declining participation of women in India’s paid workforce. Alarmingly, between 2006 and 2021, India’s female […]

Judiciary and Law Enforcement in Singapore Inc.


Ben Chester Cheong argues that Singapore’s unique political and legal system helped lay the foundation for the country’s economic growth. He points to Singapore’s high-quality judiciary which is trusted by its citizens to deliver principled and fair outcomes, as well as its use of deterrence which has enabled its reputation as one of the safest cities in the world.

Fairness and Justice

The infrastructure gap in Latin America and the Caribbean to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030


If LAC wants to close its infrastructure gap and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, the region will need to significantly increase investment in infrastructure. The pre-pandemic annual investment level of 1.4% of GDP compares poorly with the 3.1% needed to close the gap. Finding innovative policies to finance them would ensure that […]

Shincheonji and Religious Policy in Singapore


At present, Singapore is the only country to have taken steps to dissolve a local chapter of South Korea’s Shincheonji Church. Jonathan Chan uses this decision as a lens to probe the state’s approaches to religious management. He argues that Shincheonji failed to align with Singapore’s model of multi-religious toleration, in particular through its lack of transparency about its intentions and motivations. This was seen as potentially causing fissures within families and Christian denominations, prompting the government’s intervention in dissolving the chapter.

Democracy and Governance

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