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Understanding the Kurdish Student Protests


Sarkawt Shamsulddin provides his insights on the recent student protests in Kurdistan, what led to them, and what they mean for the region.

“The pain of refugees is a part of me . . .”


Interview with Jay (Jihad) Abdo. Photo credits to Fadia Afashe. On 24 October 2020 Syrian-American Hollywood actor Jay (Jihad) Abdo cast his vote for the first time ever in a presidential election. He and his wife Fadia Afashe, a lawyer and visual artist, were never allowed to participate in free elections before or even have […]

Human Rights

Civil Unrest and Popular Discontent: What to know about the recent rift among the Jordanian Hashemites


The morning of Saturday, April 3rd, reports of an alleged national security threat targeted at the reigning Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, by his younger half-brother, Prince Hamzah, were headlining news sources across the world. Recently, Prince Hamzah has been publicly critical of King Abdullah II’s rule during the COVID-19 public health crisis.  In a […]

“The only thing I could give the revolution and the Syrian people is my voice … it’s all I have.”


Lubana Al Quntar is a rare talent that, if given the proper support, has the power to uplift her entire nation, putting Syria, and the Arab World, on the map of classical opera globally. Yet, in Assad’s Syria talents like hers are systematically eliminated.

Millennials are embracing labor organising during Covid-19


The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) in Manhattan is known for its vast collections of contemporary art, not the workers who keep it running. However, as its galleries shut down, MoMA’s labor organizing has gone on display. Thanks to the advocacy of its five unions, when MoMA shut its doors during Covid-19, […]

Education, Training and Labor

The Revolution Must Not Be Gaslighted


All fifty states in the U.S and over thirty countries around the world have participated in the protests initiated by the murder of George Floyd, a Black man killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. As coverage of the protests continued through the first week, the conversation unsurprisingly moved away from the police’s disproportionate […]

Advocacy and Social Movements

Latin America’s New and Old Challenges, an Interview with Mauricio Cárdenas by César Pabón


This article appears in the Spring 2020 edition of the Latin America Policy Journal released in May 2020. You can order the edition here. Former Minister Mauricio Cardenas responded to the questions formulated by LAPJ Editor-in-Chief Cesar Pabon on 25 January 2020. What follows is a lightly edited transcript. LAPJ: What are your views on the […]

Tibetan Strategies and Chinese Counter-Strategies, 1986-2012


This piece was published in the 29th print volume of the Asian American Policy Review. For the first time in decades, the movement had dealt a concrete, visible blow to China…The Tibet movement’s grassroots muscle and ability to generate negative publicity for its foes, posed a real threat to these companies’ brand, and influenced their decision-making. […]

Advocacy and Social Movements

Cow Vigilantes and the Rise of Hindu Nationalism


BY KALPANA JAIN In September 2015, a mob attacked and killed a 52-year-old Muslim man, Mohammad Akhlaq, pulling him out of his home in a village near Delhi, India, on suspicions of eating beef. Not only did Prime Minister Narendra Modi remain silent following the attack, but some politicians of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party […]

“They are us.” Three words from New Zealand that said it all


As an Australian currently living in the US, it was Friday morning by the time I woke up to news of the attacks that had occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand two weeks ago. News from our region feels rare here, and the deep tragedy of the event so close to my home struck me. Since […]

Advocacy and Social Movements

Podcast: Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Resigns, Algerians Protest President Bouteflika Fifth Term


In this week’s podcast, we discuss the attempted resignation of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and the growing protests in Algeria against President Bouteflika’s proposed fifth term. In Iran, Zarif announced his resignation in a February 25th Instagram post, but President Rouhani insists that Zarif keep his job after widespread support for the Foreign Minister’s […]

Advocacy and Social Movements

The Power Of Non-Activists: Why Those Least Interested In Politics May Be The Best Political Organizers


Behavioral science techniques that engage non-activists are the next frontier in voter turnout BY ROBERT REYNOLDS AND DEV CHANDRA A few days before last November’s midterm election, a Texan named Martina received a text message asking her to remind three friends to vote. Martina isn’t an activist. Rather, she was targeted precisely because predictive data […]

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