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AI-Powered robotaxi service promising for cheaper fares, reveals Zoox CEO Aicha Evans


Zoox CEO Aicha Evans has highlighted the potential benefits of introducing self-driving “robotaxi” services, including reduced fares for passengers.  Speaking at the Harvard Kennedy School as part of the CEO Talks series, Evans explained that passengers spend huge amount on current ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft, adding that  80 cents of every dollar goes to the driver.  […]

Science, Technology and Data

Is AfCFTA a necessary condition for structural transformation in Africa?


Despite the scintillating promises it holds, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is only a necessary, not a sufficient condition for a structural transformation and global convergence of Africa. The substantial efforts to pass the sufficient test rest upon transcending the colonial model of resource extraction economy.  In a blow to the gravity trade […]

Can African countries skip manufacturing in the journey to achieve economic development?


One of the debates among economic development experts is whether the African continent can skip manufacturing and move into the service industry to achieve economic development. Africa is blessed with abundant land and other natural resources, yet the continent is still grappling with myriad of challenges such as of food security and lack of sufficient […]

South Africa needs massive social investment to address development challenges


South Africa needs massive social investment in education and basic infrastructure if the country is to address its current development challenges. The Executive Director, Center for Development and Enterprise, South Africa, Ann Bernstein, stated this during the Growth Lab Development Talks at the Harvard Kennedy School. The theme of her talk was “The Role of […]

Education, Training and Labor

AfCFTA to boost Africa’s exports to US $560 billion


The implementation of African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) has the potential to increase Africa’s exports by more than US$ 560 billion. This was disclosed by Dr. Hippolyte Fofack, Chief Economist of Afreximbank, while referring to a World Bank data during a lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School. Dr. Fofack stated this during the Africa […]

Nigeria’s Peter Obi to prioritize SMEs if elected president


A Nigerian presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has pledged to spend 70% of his time in developing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), if elected president of Nigeria. Peter Obi disclosed this during a roundtable discussion organized by the Harvard Business School on Wednesday. The event was moderated by Hakeem Belo-Osagie, a professor at Harvard Business School. […]

Woke on Coke: Young Cocaine Consumers Fuel Social and Environmental Devastation in Colombia


I could feel the bass of the music thumping in my thoracic cavity. The soles of my shoes were sticky with the beer that had spilled on the floor when I saw Eva inhaling a line of white powder off the kitchen countertop.

Democracy and Governance
Cover Image Soud Hyder

#APJChat: Soud Hyder


APJ Online Editor Shambhavi Singh speaks with Soud Hyder, Founder of Chap-chap Go, about his transition to building his company and advice for other African entrepreneurs interested in digital entrepreneurship, on this edition of the #APJChat

Business and Regulation
Claude Grunitzky

#APJChat: Claude Grunitzky on his journey as an African entrepreneur


In this #APJChat, Africa Policy Journal Editor-In-Chief Ada Ezeokoli speaks with Claude Grunitzky, CEO and Managing Partner of The Equity Alliance Fund, and Founder of TRUE Africa, about his journey as a serial entrepreneur, and what he hopes to contribute to building Africa’s future.

Development and Economic Growth
Cover Page APJFiresideChat

Watch: #APJFiresideChat with Rt. Honourable Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima, VP, Republic of Malawi


In this Africa Policy Journal Fireside Chat, Public Policy and African Studies Lecturer, Prof. Zoe Marks of the Harvard Kennedy School, explores the role of agriculture, technology, and entrepreneurship in harnessing the potential of Africa’s young people, in conversation with Right Honourable Dr. Saulos Chilima, Vice President of the Republic of Malawi. Dr. Chilima has […]

Business and Regulation

How Women Can Win Salary Negotiations


The economic challenges of COVID-19 have hit women hard. Job losses and childcare responsibilities disproportionately affect women.1 These circumstances are pushing a quarter of working women to consider quitting or working less.2 In a recent Deloitte global survey, 60 percent of working women questioned whether fighting for a promotion or raise would pay off.3 This […]

Gender, Race and Identity

Looking beyond IPR Waivers for Vaccine Equity


It is hard to overlook how unequitable the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines has been. The number of doses administered in the wealthier world has far outpaced the vaccination rates in the poorer nations. While people in the wealthy nations are gearing up for their summer vacation – all fully vaccinated, the poor regions of […]


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