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Centering Our Communities Chinese American Planning Council’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic


Because of the pandemic, CPC has reaffirmed its belief that community-based organizations remain critical to advancing the rights and well-being of low-income and immigrant communities. The strength and resiliency of the Asian American community is tied to the capacity and sustainability of Asian American organizations. On 13 March 2020, Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a […]


The Fallacy of Diversity Reforms for Police Departments


Focusing on increasing diversity within police departments pushes the burden of reform on the same people most impacted by police brutality.

Gender, Race and Identity

Centering Community Needs Through Public Housing


Radically expanding public housing enables us to prioritize affordability, livability, and community governance—a sustainable alternative to the current for-profit system.

Why We Don’t Support Traffic Enforcement


Emily Wade and Elissa Schufman of Our Streets Minneapolis explain why traffic enforcement is not a good strategy to make streets better places to bike, walk, and roll, and urge governments at all levels to take bold alternative approaches to traffic safety.

America’s Democracy Shouldn’t Be A Gated Community


American democracy is increasingly more like a Homeowners Association (HOA) than the participatory and empowering system to which we should aspire. Property owners control decision making over the community by virtue of their wealth, excluding those unable to access property and pushing aside those with insufficient resources to participate. What’s more, the whims of long-passed […]

Cities and Communities

There is More to the Transatlantic Freeze than Donald Trump


Even at Harvard, a liberal Atlanticist bubble where the Marshall Plan was first announced, events to celebrate NATO’s 70th Anniversary celebration were sparsely attended by American students, unlike Europeans who were excited to attend. Expectations for the NATO summit scheduled this month in London were low, and organizers hoped at best to avoid new tensions […]

S3E2: What We’re Talking About When We’re Talking About Affordable Housing


What can two small cities in Maine and upstate New York teach us about the national housing crisis?

Cities and Communities

An Old Formula Could Stop This U.S.–China Trade War


In March 2018, President Trump stated that ‘trade wars are good, and easy to win’ as he sparked a trade war with China to fight what he called the country’s unfair bilateral trade balance and intellectual property theft. The trade war has taken longer than expected to “win,” especially as rhetoric on both sides heats […]

Development and Economic Growth

Think Global, Act Local: European Cities on the Front Lines of Climate Action


BY NIKHIL KUMAR Upon her election as chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group in 2016, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo declared, “C40 member cities are determining the course of our planet’s future.”[1] (C40 is a group of more than 90 cities organized to combat climate change at the municipal level.[2]) Indeed, as societies become […]

Of Kings, Pawns and Horse-Trading: Barriers to Transportation Solutions in the Philippines


BY REGGIE B. RAMOS World War II leveled Manila. The war destroyed infrastructure and seriously damaged critical parts of Southeast Asia’s first railway system. In response to the devastation and operators’ failure to address transportation demands, army-surplus trucks were repurposed into “Jeepneys” intended to accommodate 16–24 passengers. Temporary certificates to operate were extended to underfinanced […]

Movement Matters: Why We Should Commit to Universal Basic Mobility


BY DANIEL COMEAUX   Whether by car, train, foot, wheelchair, bike, or any of the other ways humanity has invented to move through the places we call home, just about everybody relies on transportation systems as part of their daily lives. This is not new and is not likely to change. But if the headlines […]

3D Titling: Comments on the Introduction of the Transfer of Development Rights to Peru, by Jose Carlos Fernandez


This article appears in the Spring 2019 edition of the Latin America Policy Journal released on April 2019. You can order the edition here. Abstract The transfer of development rights is an instrument of urban policy originally used in the United States. It allows the owners of landmarks in a city to sell their air rights […]

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