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Policing a Pandemic in Rural India: From Enforcement to Engagement


Throughout this spring of 2023, the world is witnessing a global surge in COVID cases, driven by variants of the virus such as the XBB.1.16 strain in India and the XBB.1.15 in the United States.1 The COVID crisis has glaringly underscored the need for nation states to prepare for the advent of global pandemics. Lockdowns […]

The Emergence and Implications of Gender Affirming Healthcare Bans on Broader Healthcare Access


In this article, Levi C. Bevis examines the impact of transgender healthcare bans on transgender youth and discusses how these bans negatively impact healthcare access for the broader public.

When Legalizing Abortion is Not Enough: Barriers in seeking Abortion that go beyond Laws


In this article, the authors explore the barriers that women face on the ground when accessing abortion, even when the procedure has been legalized. They look at the cases of Argentina and Colombia, in Latin America, and India and Nepal, in Asia, to highlight examples of barriers and how grassroots organizations are playing a key role in supporting safe access to abortions.

The Quest for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights in Morocco


In this article, Yasmina Benslimane gives an overview of the current deadly situation of abortion rights in Morocco and the urgent need for legislative change.

Restricting Reproductive Rights Dooms Regional Growth Prospects


In this article, Marlee Stark argues that failing to frame reproductive rights as an economic issue jeopardizes widespread equitable economic growth.

A Plea for Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care Curriculum in Medical Schools


In this article, Divya Jain presents the argument for compulsory comprehensive reproductive health education in US medical schools

A Plea for Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care Curriculum in Medical Schools


In this article, Divya Jain presents the argument for compulsory comprehensive reproductive health education in US medical schools

African health conference sparks conversation on healthcare development in Africa


The Harvard Chan School of Public Health recently hosted the first-ever Africa Health Conference from February 18th to 19th, 2023, bringing together students, faculty, activists, global health leaders, and a community of scholars. Organized by the Harvard Chan Africa Health Students Forum, the conference aimed to celebrate successes in healthcare across the continent while also […]

The green domino effect: the global impact of the feminist mobilizations for sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America


In the last decade, we have witnessed worldwide policy and law changes regarding sexual and reproductive rights. In some countries, such as the United States, federal and state-level legal decisions evidence a withdrawal of gender equality policies[i] regarding sexual and reproductive autonomy. At the same time, contentious politics and legal efforts have led to their […]

Voting will Not Save You: Why the American Left Needs to Re-learn how to Protest to Protect the Future of Abortion Rights


Two years after the start of the Arab Spring in 2011, I moved from the Middle East to the United States for college. I left having seen with my own eyes the power of people coming together, regardless of socio-economic or religious background, to challenge entrenched power structures and demand greater political rights. There is […]

Argentina’s Road Towards the Right to Choose


Argentina has a long tradition of women mobilizing for their own rights, human rights, and justice in their country. The 30-year-old struggle for abortion rights in Argentina was paved by local women’s organizations and by a constant persistence in guaranteeing women’s right to choose. Getting there was not a coincidence nor just luck. It took […]

HPV is Not Just a “Women’s Disease”: Men Should get Vaccinated too


HPV has traditionally been framed as a disease that largely affects females, but should males get vaccinated as well? Ng Qi Siang argues that gender-neutral vaccination is more effective than female-only vaccination in terms of cost-efficiency and containing viral spread. He proposes that the government reframe HPV as a disease that affects all genders and move towards a gender-neutral HPV vaccination policy in the near future.

Gender, Race and Identity

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