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Latin American Cities in the Age of AI: Navigating the Technological Revolution


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming cities. It is redefining how governments plan, manage, and police them. It is also reshaping the circumstances under which citizens work, move, and engage in civic life. The long-term impacts of AI in urban environments are still uncertain. However, transformations will likely be profound and enduring as these technologies advance […]

Cities and Communities

A Leap Across the Rubicon: The Quest to Bridge the IP-AI Nexus in Singapore


AI is poised to dominate the economy of the future, but questions remain about how IP law will adapt to this new environment. As AI systems grow creative and make original inventions independent of the human mind, should the law accord AI inventions the same IP rights as those made by human? Examining cutting-edge legal developments in this field, Marcus Ho calls for Singapore to recognize AI as inventors to promote technological innovation and develop a robust AI eco-system that will drive the digital economy of the future.

Science, Technology and Data

What We’re Missing in Machine Learning


BY DEVASHISH CHANDRA In 2017, Elon Musk commented that artificial intelligence is more dangerous than North Korea. Exponential technological growth led by artificial intelligence and machine learning has generated tremendous fear and anxiety. However, this apprehension isn’t a new one for humanity. In the 16th century, the scientific revolution, which led to the emergence of modern empirical […]

If Robots Come for Our Jobs, We Need More than Universal Basic Income


BY ASAD RAMZANALI If you believe the standard Silicon Valley narrative, technologies like artificial intelligence will cause unprecedented levels of job loss. The solution is universal basic income (UBI), an unconditional cash transfer for every citizen. While UBI may alleviate poverty and modernize welfare programs, it is not a solution for mass unemployment. If labor […]

Beyond an Artificial Intelligence Magna Carta: The Role of Government in Preempting Risks


Artificial intelligence leaders are proposing principles to address the risks of new AI technology, but these lack legal force. Governments should take more powerful measures in order to mitigate the risks of AI.

Beyond Mobile Phones: Will Virtual Nurses and Drones Deliver Healthcare in Africa?


BY MARTA MILKOWSKA “This technology will save millions of patients!” This was the elated comment from the head of a tuberculosis health facility in Lesotho, in response to my prototype of a mobile phone application. Last summer, I was exploring the value of machine learning in predicting patients’ default rates in HIV and tuberculosis treatment […]

For Smarter Debate and Better Policy, Let’s Scrap the ‘Killer Robots’


By Katherine Mansted Will the rise of intelligent machines spell doom for humanity? Popular movies and news reporting on artificial intelligence (AI) would certainly have us think so. In Hollywood’s imaginings, AI is dangerous and uncontrollable. AI seduces: recall Ex Machina’s calculating femmebot. AI murders: think of the homicidal HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space […]

Science, Technology and Data

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