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The Criminal Justice System Is Not Broken, It’s Doing Exactly What It’s Meant To Do


Given the criminal justice system’s racist history, the failures of  grand juries to indict Officer Darren Wilson and Officer Daniel Pantaleo are unsurprising and show the need for dismantling, not reforming.  BY REETU MODY First a St. Louis grand jury failed to find enough evidence to indict Officer Darren Wilson for firing six shots that […]

Fairness and Justice

Crime Square: How Advances in Criminal Justice Policy Can Improve Public Safety in New York City


BY ISAAC LARA During the 1970s and 1980s, Times Square was not the tourist mecca that it is today. The now-glitzy area in Midtown’s theatre district had fallen into disrepair from decades of government negligence, with drug addicts and prostitutes prowling the streets. The few legal businesses that existed were mostly low-rent strip clubs and […]

Successful Innovations in Juvenile Justice are Lifting Up Instead of Locking Down


BY HAYLING PRICE Last fall, I had the opportunity to invite a hero to Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership (CPL). While CPL often features celebrities, dignitaries, and heads of state, resident students rarely hear from community-based practitioners grappling with the poverty we tend to engage with in the abstract. Steve Gates has spent years leading […]

Justice in Mexico: The Mexican Drug War’s Most Important Change that Nobody Noticed


BY VIRIDIANA RIOS, PH.D While the emergence of civilian self-defense groups in Mexico has gained the most attention as a strategy to fight drug cartels, the most profound change in that country’s security strategy has largely passed unnoticed. Early on 2014, Mexico approved an entirely new national code of judicial procedures that will transform the […]

Fairness and Justice

Behind Bars, Forever: American Children Jailed for Life


BY CASEY SCHUTTE The law does not trust them to vote. It forbids them from watching certain movies in the theater or signing up for a credit card on their own. Consuming alcohol is certainly off limits, as is smoking cigarettes. Society proscribes certain activities for these people because, the thinking goes, they lack the […]

Fairness and Justice

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