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Organizing for power: the new labor movement and big politics in 2020


Francis Garcia walked into work at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas one morning in late 2007. A migrant from Honduras, Garcia had crossed through Mexico after Hurricane Mitch devastated her country, leaving almost one million Hondurans homeless. She joined the Grand as a housekeeper earning $14.50 an hour; far more than she could expect […]

Episode 1: Kansas Secretary of Labor, Delia Garcia


Listen Here! Welcome to our first HJHP Podcast episode for the 2019-2020 academic year. We kick off this year’s series, Pain to Power, with an interview with Delia Garcia, Kansas Secretary of Labor. In our conversation with Secretary Garcia, we learned about her journey from her family’s restaurant in Wichita to her role as an […]


‘The Image’ of the Democratic Party: Has U.S Politics Lost its Substance?


Social media has indeed amplified, but still simply carried on, the tradition of American politics that favors appearances over reality.


The evolution of political internet memes


BY OFRA KLEIN In 2000, during a presidential debate, then-candidate George W. Bush mispronounced the internet as “internets.” Four years later, he repeated this error in a debate with John Kerry (“I hear there’s rumors on the, uh, internets that we’re going to have a draft.”). This clearly was no mere mistake. And the internets […]

Source: PJMixer, Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/pjmixer/9189826590

Event Review: Critique, Dissent, and Solidarity – the Politics of Modern Middle Eastern Art


In a lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School, Sultan al-Qassemi discusses the role of art in the contemporary politics of the Middle East.

Stop Calling it the “Year of the Woman”


BY DINA MONTEMARANO If you’ve been following the US midterm elections, you’ve likely heard the media buzz about how many women are running for elected office this year. They’re calling it “The Year of the Woman.” A record number of female candidates are running for office. 256 women won House and Senate primaries. Sixteen are […]

Election Banners, Kilis - Adam Jones

Reconciling History: Secularism, Faith and Allegiance after Turkey’s June 24th Elections


The decision to support or reject the opposition in its appeals to AKP voters is bound up with its identity as the representative of official secularism, a reputation that has proved difficult to shake. The memory of the divisive 1970s and the terror-filled aftermath of the 1980 coup remains a deeply impactful force conditioning voter behavior. An understanding of these traumatizing years, which left few segments of society untouched, contextualizes the steep odds against which the opposition was forced to contend.

Betraying a Tradition of Religious Tolerance


BY MARIYA ILYAS AND CASSIE RASMUSSEN Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s Executive Order Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States—more commonly known as the “Muslim Ban”—which restricts immigration from several Muslim-majority countries. For a year now, the United States, a country founded on religious freedom, has been […]

Interview with Congressman Jason Chaffetz: The Future of the Republican Party


BY DINA MONTEMARANO Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) was elected to Congress in 2008. While in Congress, he served as the Chairman of the Oversight and & Government Reform Committee. He left Congress in June of 2017. Previously, Congressman Chaffetz served as Chief of Staff for the Governor of Utah. This interview was conducted on Monday, November […]

Asian American Lobbying: Past, Present, and Future


This piece was published in the 27th print volume of the Asian American Policy Review. Despite its dubious reputation, lobbying has evolved into a platform for minority interest groups to voice their concerns. By leveraging this “fourth branch of government,” racially affiliated minority interest groups directly appeal and advocate to members of Congress. Organizations like the […]

DoD photo by Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brigitte N. Brantley

Why NATO cannot afford a “Turkexit”


Turkey’s relationship with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is in trouble. Yet it behooves NATO to ensure that Turkey remains a loyal member.

The Key for Liberals on Climate: Pushing Harder for National Security


BY DAVID HARARY It has become clear Democrats need a new strategy on passing climate change legislation. The new Administration’s budget proposal for 2018 is certainly not friendly towards climate change research or mitigation. Deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Department of Energy are just the beginning […]

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