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Race, Gender, and Poverty: Why the Environment Matters


BY JENNIFER HELFRICH I am an environmentalist. Friends call me a “tree hugger.” Tree huggers are a rare breed here at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). My fellow students each have their public policy area of focus—and the environment is not one of them. I understand the dilemma; HKS students tend to exhaust themselves through […]

Cultural Competency the Key to Latino Health Policy


Despite more than three decades of empirical evidence from sociological and anthropological research that clearly shows that culture plays a significant role in the health care decision making process within Latino society, Latino cultural beliefs still remain the least understood among service providers in the American health care delivery system. This is in part due […]


Syria’s Polio Outbreak: What, If Anything, Can We Learn?


Before the escalation of the Syrian conflict, general immunization rates for Syrian children were more than 90% [1]. Today, less than 70% of Syrian children are immunized [2]. This deterioration has manifested itself in at least 13 cases of polio as of November 2013 [3], a striking number for a debilitating disease eradicated in Syria more than a […]

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