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How Art-based NFTs Demonstrate The Need for Self-regulation in Emerging Technologies


In October 2021, art-based non-fungible token (NFT) project CryptoPunk 9998 sold for over $500 million dollars,isetting a world record for the most expensive NFT sold at the time. However, by leveraging blockchain’s transparency, many commentators soon discovered that 9998’s record-breaking price was not the result of a genuine purchase. Instead, the CryptoPunk’s owner simply utilized […]

The Unveiling of the Librazone : Are the Similarities Between Libra and the Eurozone a Coincidence?


BY AMELIA POLLARD After a decade of amassing influence, Facebook has unveiled another way to remain a financial heavyweight not only for digital markets, but for society. On June 18, Mark Zuckerberg announced the birth of a new form of blockchain-backed cryptocurrency dubbed “Libra”—a potential monetary revolution that’s raised eyebrows, particularly in the wake of […]

The Key to Reducing Carbon Emissions: Revolutionizing Mobility


BY AMY ZHOU Even non-Californians took notice of what Governor Jerry Brown has been up to this summer. Following through on his public denouncement of President Trump’s stance on climate change, Brown traveled to China for a high-profile meeting with Xi Jinping and signed an extension of his landmark cap-and-trade program to 2030 into law. […]

Fair Housing: Regulation Is Not the Answer


BY VANESSA CALDER The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has promulgated a new rule that requires equal housing outcomes in an attempt to clarify and give teeth to the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which requires racial groups be given equal access to housing. HUD’s “Duty to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing” requires […]

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We Need Gun Control. Now.


BY MICAELA CONNERY This is the first of a two-part student series stemming from a discussion at the Harvard Kennedy School on gun control. If you would like to respond, send your pitch to harvardksrpitches@gmail.com. On Wednesday, 15 Harvard Kennedy School students with differing opinions, backgrounds, and nationalities sat around a table to discuss gun […]

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