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HPV is Not Just a “Women’s Disease”: Men Should get Vaccinated too


HPV has traditionally been framed as a disease that largely affects females, but should males get vaccinated as well? Ng Qi Siang argues that gender-neutral vaccination is more effective than female-only vaccination in terms of cost-efficiency and containing viral spread. He proposes that the government reframe HPV as a disease that affects all genders and move towards a gender-neutral HPV vaccination policy in the near future.

Gender, Race and Identity

Op-Ed: To effectively combat COVID-19, Africa needs to play offense


Hezekiah Shobiye. Hez is the Lead Publication Editor at the Africa Policy Journal. He is an MPA 2020 Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and holds a Doctorate in Public Health from Boston University.  I am worried about Africa’s preparedness for the COVID-19 outbreak, and so should everybody else. As at the beginning of […]

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